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airDefender - Innovation For A Safer Environment

Modernization made the enormous progression to connect the world, simplify things, and improve the lives of people. We are now living in an era where technology is an integral part of our community and environment. Together, we envisioned a life where technology would give sustainable and safer access for our children - clean, toxic-free air, a germ-free environment, a self-cleaning material that can use the advantage of natural resources, and more. This vision can now be achieved through the power of airDefender's quantum engineering technology.

What is Photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis is the complete cycle of converting light energy into a chemical energy that’s transferred to water vapor to produce active oxygen species at the surface. Light energized titanium dioxide attracts water and oxygen in the air and splits this to form two powerful oxidizing species (hydroxyl radical OH- and Oxygen Hole O2-), and decomposes bacteria and viruses into harmless substances.

Titanitum Dioxide

One of the most basic materials in our daily life, has emerged as an excellent photocatalyst material for environmental purification. It is because TiO₂ has the most efficient photoactivity, the highest stability and its guaranteed safety to humans and the environment. There are two types of reaction proceeding on a TiO₂ film when irradiated with light, the photo-induced redox reactions of adsorbed substances and the photo-induced hydrophilic conversion of TiO₂ itself.

World Patented Q-DOT Catalyst

NASA researched Quantum dot size from 1-10nm. It is 1000x smaller than bacteria, making it penetrable to instantly destroy the bacteria cells compared to standard Quantum dot size up to 100nm. It also amplifies the effect of other antibacterial products because its active base ingredient is both antibacterial and antiviral.

Quantum Advantages


The uniquely designed non-spherical crystal structure can adapt to the crystal's natural form by bringing more active bonds and obtaining the excellent multi-active catalyst crystal.


A unique form of Quantum Photocatalytic Mesoporous film coating after dry penetration has a porosity of up to 80%. It improves the probability of nanoparticle contact with contaminants. Moreover, high porosity can reduce the refraction of the protective film.


Low-temperature sol crystallization technology can reduce the adverse factors caused by high-temperature refining, better results, and innovation.


Stabilization of particles through unique techniques does not require surfactants, strong acid, or strong alkali. Alcohol or other additives can obtain robust water stability, has no corrosion to most things, and is safe.

Why airDefender?

airDefender contains only environmentally friendly and natural components. By using natural resources and minerals, our technology transforms harmful cells into positive substances. It also highly reduces VOC emission such as ammonia, NH3, CH4, and N2O.

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