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Q1. Where can the airDefender product being applied? How long can it last?

You may apply airDefender to the surface of most objects, for example toys, including soft toys, cosmetic products cover, clothing, shoes, remote control, mobile phone, tablets, computers and etc. where the hands will come in contact with, or others frequently used items like bath towel, hand towel, finger towel and washcloth as well. In additional to anti bacterial, airDefender can prevent the growth of mold on objects. With non toxic and FDA approved food additive as active ingredients, airDefender is safe to be used on kids, pregnant women and even pets. It can be sprayed to the outer layer of face mask to form an extra layer of protection to prevent bacterial and virus from penetrating the mask. airDefender spray provides effective protection against bacterial and virus without any alcohol content. Use it on hand to block out 99.9% of bacteria and virus for up to 10 hours and on other surfaces to block out 98% for up to 48 hours.

Q2. If I use alcohol sanitizer after applying airDefender on hand, with it affect the effectiveness of protection?

It will not. Within the 10 hours after applying airDefender, you may continue with normal hand washing and even sanitizing using alcohol based sanitizer. However, it is advisable to use the alcohol based sanitizer only when required.

Q3. How is the airDefender project charges being calculated?

The charges is based on size of the premises to be applied with airDefender. Please contact us for more details.

Q4. What is the differentiation of airDefender project with other coating services?

airDefender project apply coating to the surface of the premises using the airDefender coating solution. The solution come with special formulated ingredient to ensure the binding of coating to the surface for long lasting effect after application. The Photocatalysis effect of airDefender with lights decomposes bacteria and viruses into harmless substances , thus achieving up to 98% of protection from bacteria and virus for the surface it is being applied to.

Q5. How long does it take for a complete airDefender coating of the whole house?

A 1000 square feet size of the premises will take about 3-4 hours.

Q6. How long can the airDefender coating last?

The coating can provide the surface it applied to up to 12 months of protection against bacteria and virus with normal cleaning activities.

Q7. How long do I need to wait for the coating to settle before resuming normal cleaning?

The coating will take 6 to 24 hours to bind with the surface to form a protection layer. Therefore it is advisable to resume normal cleaning only 24 hours after the application.

Q8. How long does it take for a complete airDefender coating of the whole house?

A 1000 square feet size of the premises will take about 3-4 hours.

Q9. Do I need to move the furniture out from the premises during the coating process?

No, it is not required. The coating will be applied to all walls of the premises and furniture surface.

Q10. When can I access the premises after application of coating?

The coating will take only 5 minutes to dry up. However, to achieve longer lasting binding to the surface, it is advisable to wait for minimum 6 hours before accessing the premises and touching the walls and furniture surface.

Q11. Will the airDefender coating cause any side effect on pets?

No, airDefender is non toxic and with active ingredients that are safe for both human being and pets.

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