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The use of hand-sanitizer in cleaning our hands is the best practice if there is an absence of water around. With the on-going threat and the magnitude of health risks of what we are facing right now,..
Train your children to develop a healthy lifestyle at a young age. Foster them with genuine affection, build their confidence, and teach them the value of self-protection they will need to become stro..
The world was put to chaos when we were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. For months, people thrive to find solutions while trying to remain protected against the coronavirus. The world’s economy faced an..
Working from home has its own unique stresses. Defend your health with our newly patented NASA researched quantum size photocatalysis technology, a water-based germ barrier that stays effective on you..
Back to work place after a long break of working from home? Worrying the many touch points at work? To lessen the anxiety level, use airDefender to protect yourself immediately, lasting for ten up to ..
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